Theatrical features, non-theatrical features, TV and On demand series, animations, short films, documentaries, and all other art form to be created! We make your characters speak in Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, Castillian Spanish and German into 2.0 and 5.1 mixing

Dubbing also referred to as Language Replacement, is recorded by professional voice actors and the audio track of the original video footage is mixed with the alternate language recordings of the dialogue. Word choice is extremely important as the translated video must be synchronized with the lip movement of the actors on-screen. The result, as compared with voice-over, is much more precise, both from translation (and ADAPTATION) of the original spoken content, as well as a technical delivery point of view. A well- crafted dub is unnoticeable to the viewer, as it is truly an “acted” voice recording that uses sound engineering and editing to ensure true lip synching - making the original actor seemingly mouth his/her dialogue in the target language.

Voice-over is an audiovisual translation technique in which, unlike in dubbing, actor voices are recorded over the original audio track which can be heard in the background. Voice-over, also sometimes referred to as, “UN style,” is mostly narrative in nature, does not lip-synch and does not transmit the tonality and overall richness of what is being said in the original footage.

There are dedicated 1 Foley studio for the creation of live sound effects. We can recreate, wholly or partially, any ambience situation, specific sounds, sound effects and other special features that an M & E (Music and Effects) may require.When music needs to be replaced in your soundtrack due to licensing rights, we can seamlessly replace these music cues, matching the same style and beat.Fully fill your M&E audio tracks to meet the critical demands of the global marketplace and to integrate with foreign language dubbing.